PRIVACY STATEMENT   Respecting online privacy...

Michael Paysden & Akafire are committed to respecting privacy and make no attempt to track visitors or in any way obtain further user information other than server info as indicated below. No information is passed to any third parties.

IP addresses are routinely logged by the server and we use this information to obtain basic statistics regarding visitor levels and pages viewed. No further use is made of these details.

Cookies may be used to store scores and preferences locally but we do not use them to hold/gather other user details. If you wish to disable cookies, this will not affect the functionality or performance of our sites beyond the loss of your private score/preference data.

Should you contact Michael Paysden/Akafire in any way, either by email or online form, your confidentiality will be fully respected. No third parties will be given your details.

For further information relating to this, or other, matters please do not hesitate to contact us at